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5 Clay Bar Tips!


by Ivan Rajic 5 Clay Bar Tips Clay bar is a term used all the time and most people dive head first without giving it much thought. While it is

5 Clay Bar Tips!2023-01-24T11:42:05-07:00
  • clay bar being used to decontaminate vehicle paint

The Importance of the Clay Bar Process


by Xavier @ DI The traditional wash process does a great job of removing dirt and grime from the exterior surface of your vehicle. There can however be times when

The Importance of the Clay Bar Process2022-04-05T17:14:16-07:00
  • applying-clay-bar-5172888

The Detailer’s Secret Weapon: Clay Bar


What Is It? A Clay Bar removes the contaminants that soap and water cannot – bonded contaminants like tree sap, insect exoskeleton fragments, rail dust, bee pollen, tar, hard water

The Detailer’s Secret Weapon: Clay Bar2023-01-16T14:48:20-07:00
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