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  • Vinyl vehicle wrap being applied to a car's hood

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Wrap Your Car


A wrap can give your car a visual makeover—but it’s not a great investment, for a lot of reasons. By Jeff Somers Your car is probably one of the most

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Wrap Your Car2023-07-31T12:58:48-07:00
  • pollen on car

Pollen and Safe Washing Habits


by Rodney Tatum NOTE from Operations Manager at Sunset North Car Wash & Detailing Centers: "You might be surprised how many times we are asked about pollen and safe washing

Pollen and Safe Washing Habits2023-04-10T14:18:33-07:00

Car Soap Versus Dish Washing Detergent


by Rodney Tatum ‘Hey I have been using Dawn since the dawn of time, and it never hurt anything.’ ‘No if you use Dawn, than that makes you the worst

Car Soap Versus Dish Washing Detergent2022-03-22T19:58:31-07:00
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