It Might Be Time to Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades

by Matthew Skwarczek on November 8, 2020 A key part of getting your car ready for winter is making sure all the necessary maintenance is complete. But we’re not talking just about involved tasks like oil changes and timing belt replacement. There are a number of small and seemingly minor maintenance tasks that, if not … [Read more…]

How To Clean Your Car’s Interior [VIDEO]

Follow these steps to detail your car’s interior: Here’s the link to Pan TheOrganizer’s how-to video 1) Remove any unwanted items, garbage, and floor mats.2) Clean the floor mats.3) Vacuum the interior thoroughly.4) Steam clean the door jambs and door sills, and wipe clean with a microfiber towel.5) Clean the headliner.6) Clean the leather seats … [Read more…]

Should You Use Oven Cleaner For Alloy Wheels?

Will Oven Cleaner damage Alloy Wheels? Alloy WheelsJuly 30, 2018 We see loads of how-to videos on YouTube that tell people not to waste their money on commercial wheel cleaning products and use oven cleaner instead. Even though proven solutions from manufacturers like Macguire’s are less than a couple of cups of coffee. Let’s face … [Read more…]