Services & Prices

Services & Prices

beofre and after photo of red truck paint job resotred by Sunset North Car Wash

From a simple waxing to complete paint and headlight restoration…

Sunset professional detailers often hear customers say, “My car/truck hasn’t looked this good since I bought it!” That’s the kind of reaction that has made Sunset North Car Wash the go-to car care service in San Luis Obispo County for over 28 years!

Interior Detailing & Steam Cleaning

We get to nooks and crannies than can otherwise seem impossible to reach. Removing crud, pet hair and the kid’s leftover cereal. With our Germ Buster steam cleaning, powerful vacuums and leather seat rehydration, your interior will be refreshed and feeling new again.

Rehab your Doors, Dash & Console!

•Exterior Wash & Towel Dry •Interior Vacuum •Clear Coat Paint Protectant •Air Freshener •Tire Shine •Wheel (Rim) Protectant & Repellant •Carnauba Wax (Shines & Protects) •Exterior (Rubber & Plastic) Shine •Interior Shine & Protect •Germ Buster Steam Clean •72-Hour Clean Car Guarantee

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