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  • Bad driver who's just knocked test cones

Study Says Bad Driving Might be Hereditary


Just don't try to use it as an excuse in court Chris Teague If your significant other has ever accused you of being a bad driver, you might have a

Study Says Bad Driving Might be Hereditary2023-04-26T10:13:53-07:00
  • New Year's vehicle speedometer graphic

New Year’s Vehicle Resolutions!


These New Year's Vehicle Resolutions will help make your 2023 easier, safer and less annoying. Making sure your automobile is in good shape and being ready for any unforeseen circumstances

New Year’s Vehicle Resolutions!2023-01-24T11:11:40-07:00
  • car headlight taped off for restoration

How to Restore Your Headlights


by Reece @ DI Note from Sunset North Car Wash &Detail Center: If this doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon, have our Pro Detailers know how

How to Restore Your Headlights2023-01-24T11:20:41-07:00
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