1. BJ Sullivan

    You said, “Neither Moths or Butterflies eliminate waste, but both cause the largest splats on your car.” If they don’t elimate waste, what do the splats consist of?

    • Thanks for pointing out the “unclear” description of butterfly bathroom habits! 😉 Butterflies and moths don’t “poop” like bees they only “pee.” The spots they cause on vehicles are the numerous, seasonal impact splats!

  2. Linda Reid

    An entire swarm must have flown over my car and dumped their load. My new car now needs repainting to the tune of $2600.00 NOTHING will take it off and it’s through the clear coat down to the paint. My insurance agent, the car detailer and the body shop have never heard of this in all the combined years of work in their respective fields
    L. Reid

    • I don’t know if you’re in SLO County, but if you are you might want to have one of our managers take a look. We’ve safely and throughoughly removed lots of bee pollen spots from customer’s vehicles over the years!

      • Linda Reid

        I live in Greensboro, GA and don’t know where SLO County is located. If it’s close, I’d be delighted to let you try anything short of a stick of dynamite.

        L. Reid

        • Might be a looooong drive to California, Linda! 😉 You just need to find a reputable auto detailing service near you. Some will even come to you (like #1 Auto Detailing listed below)! Here’s a few I see:

          #1 Car Detailing Experts – We Provide the Best Service
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          Professional Auto Detailing
          Map of professional auto detailing in greensboro georgia
          Love’s Cleaning & Detailing
          5.0 (1) · Car detailing service
          2010 Penfield Rd · (706) 817-0392
          Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
          Galan’s Auto Detailing
          5.0 (14) · Car detailing service
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          “Punctual professional friendly excellent service high quality products …”
          J&D Detail Studio Professional Auto Detailing
          5.0 (2) · Car wash
          Eatonton, GA · (706) 817-3198
          Open ⋅ Closes 4PM

          Any of them should give you an estimate to return to paint to near-new condition. And I guarantee it’ll be a LOT less than $1500!

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