The Best Dash Cams and Why It’s Important to Have One!

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Dash cam is a handy tool that is installed in most cars today. Its a very useful tool for evidence retention, can provide a picture playback function after a traffic accident, and can also act as an escape tool in case of an emergency. It allows you to record the road conditions in front or behind you while driving.

So here’s our Best Dash Cam Guide in 2024: How to Choose the Cam.

What is Dash Cam?

Dash cam, also known as car digital video recorder (car DVR), driving recorder, or event data recorder (EDR), as the name suggests, is a camera installed on a car. The basic function of a dash cam is to act as a “silent witness” after the event of a traffic accident – a dash cam can record every detail of what happens on the road accurately.

Nowadays, the latest dash cams are also capable of recording real-time driving data of the vehicle, including turning radius, driving speed, steering angle, GPS data, power supply voltage (on-board power grid) and so on. During the parking period, if the camera captures behavior that could potentially damage the vehicle, it transmits the real-time footage to the owner over the network.

Dash cam has become an indispensable vehicle accessory for car owners, and the product range is very diverse. So people may purchase one according to their needs.

How Does Dash Cam Work?

The working principle of the dash cams is very simple, that is, through the cycle of video recording of the picture, capturing the image through the camera.

Dash cams have a video camera, hard-wired power inputs, and built-in or removable solid-state media to capture footage.

Automobile driving video recorder is similar to the application of the “black box” on the airplane, it works through the digital video recording and cyclic updating of the car in front of the road or around the situation, and then save the data to the memory card, the back of the user can access the data for real-time screen view.

The Recording Time for Dash Cams

Under what conditions the dash cams will work

The dash cam is set to start recording when the car is powered on. Some cameras have the option to be powered on manually or not. But almost all dash cams start recording their surroundings the moment they are connected to the car’s power. You can also choose to record after the vehicle is turned off, as long as the dash cam supports such features.

Under what circumstances the dash cam will not work

Next I’m going to list a few possible reasons why the dash cam isn’t working

  1. First of all, when your dash cam itself does not support the recording function when the vehicle is off, in this case if you still have the need for this, it is recommended to replace the dash cam with this function.
  2. Second, accidentally touch the power button to turn off the dash cam.
  3. Third, loose power supply or damaged parts may cause the dash cam can not be used.

Types of Dash Cams

Single len dash cams with no screen

Single lens is the cheapest class of dash cams on the market, its function is relatively single, generally external in the cab center mirror above the external device, able to monitor the road ahead, and support data export after the video playback function.

This type of dash cam has no screen and only one camera that can be hidden on the back of the center mirror. Consumers who like a tidy interior should like this type of dash cam. Because of the simple structure of this type of recorder, it is also cheaper.

Dual lens dash cams with Internet access

This kind of dash cam can be used to replace car mirrors because it has a special camera to monitor the rear of the vehicle, and this function can provide strong evidence to the traffic police when being tailgated. This kind of dash cam is the largest and has the most functions

It supports a inserted traffic card to enable access to the internet for some entertainment functions of listening to songs online.

Its disadvantages are also obvious: firstly, it is expensive and oversized, which will take up some space. Secondly, some of its features are useless and some are too flashy. Thirdly, if you need to use its networking function, you need to pay extra money.

Panoramic dash cams

Panoramic dash cam is the most expensive, can record the whole environment except the roof and the bottom of the car in all directions of the driving image. But it is relatively expensive, the installation requires the removal of the door on the side, and the lens will be mounted on both sides of the rearview mirror. That is a really complicated process, which will takes a lot of money and time.

There are some such cams that also come with a wide angle lens. This is characterized by a short focal length, wide angle of view and long depth of field. It is not difficult to understand from the literal meaning, that is, the shooting range is wide, clear range. Putting it on the dash cam can effectively increase the shooting width, can better record the surrounding environment, giving the driver a higher sense of security.

ADAS(Advanced drivers assistance systems), mostly integrated in the dash cam, is not that useful as you think. Why? The lane warning system requires active intervention to return the steering wheel, and this system mounted on top of the dash cam can only do so much as a reminder, whereas the driver will not be able to react in an instant.

What Kind of Dash Cams Memory Card Should I Choose?

Dash cam recorded images to find a place to store, with the price reduction of storage media. In recent years, many cams on the market will come with a memory card, it is also very convenient to use, but if you want to make the storage longer, then you have to go to the additional purchase of their own memory card.

Dash cam as an information transcription device, the storage and reading speed is also a requirement. At present, the vast majority of dash cams use Micro SD card, Class is the current standard to measure the speed of Micro SD card, there are Class0, Class2, Class4, Class6, Class10 a few grades, the larger the number of write speed faster.

Then according to your own needs to decide, if you need to record the preservation of a long time, then choose the SD card with more memory, this kind of card will also be more expensive.

Why You Should Buy a Dash Cam?

Acting as a “witness” in the determination of responsibility for traffic accidents

It can effectively show your innocence if there’s a traffic incident. This should also be the primary reason why millions of drivers install dash cams every year. When you start the engine, the front and rear view of your vehicle will start to be recorded by the cam, which can provide you with more peace of mind when driving.

In the event of a car accident, if you do not have an eye witness to testify on your behalf, then the case usually goes cold, but the footage from the dash cam is the most powerful and efficient weapon you have to defend your rights with the traffic police.

A guarante for worried parents

When your child takes your car out, do you get scared all the time but don’t know the real time situation of the vehicle. If that is the case, then the dashboard camera is certainly the best solution for you. Most modern dash cams have a built-in GPS device, so in addition to recording every detail of what’s happening inside and outside the car, dash cams can also record travel speeds and different street routes. And as the driver looks down to pick something up or looks around, the camera picks up those movements.

Be a guard for your vehicle

For example, some dash cams have a parking video feature that you can turn on (or automatically turn on) when you park. Their high-precision sensors go to work, recording the state of the vehicle’s perimeter after you’ve left it, monitoring whether someone or something is near the vehicle, and informing the owner over the Internet if there is any damage to the vehicle.

Other cameras include inward-facing cameras, which can also capture evidence of theft if someone breaks into your car.

Insurance fraud can be avoided

In many car accidents, it’s not good to assign blame because you can’t know what caused the accident or how it happened, and the party not at fault can’t get their insurance claim paid in a timely manner.

Moreover, in the 21st century, the problem of insurance fraud is also very prominent, and many people specialize in finding luxury car owners to extort. And this kind of problem will cause trouble to both sides of the accident, and will also affect the business of the insurance company. Many of them insist they are victims, but without video evidence, it’s hard to tell if they are telling the truth.

But with the help of a dash cam, you can quickly access the footage from the time as evidence.

Recording the beautiful scenery along the way that you missed while driving

If you are a traveling enthusiast and love to drive your vehicle around the world, then a dash cam should be on your list of things to buy. While driving, the driver has to concentrate on driving because of the traffic conditions to be considered and it is not possible to enjoy 100% of the scenery along the way, which is very unfortunate for the excursionists.

But when you have a dash cam, it can uninterruptedly record the scenery along the way of the places you pass by, and you can export this data when you get home. Then enjoy looking back at these wonderful moments.

Disadvantages of Dash Cams

Dash cams can be the distraction

Generally the dash cam is placed in front of the cab, sometimes directly connected to the on-board screen, and sometimes mounted on the rearview mirror right in the center of the cab. Drivers will sometimes be obscured by the line of sight, but also sometimes can not help but view the screen display of the picture, may cause traffic accidents.

Dash cams may lead to privacy violation

There are also points of controversy that arise from the use of a dash cam. With the camera clicking and recording, you are effectively videotaping someone without their consent and in violation of their privacy.

There are no licensing requirements to use a dash cam, but in some areas it is illegal to share this footage publicly. And if you’re a bus driver or cab driver and you record footage of your passengers in the car, there’s a chance you could be sued by them for invasion of privacy afterward.

Dash cams can stand against you

If your own dash cam is a reliable witness in the event of an accident and you are the one at fault, you won’t have much wiggle room when the police view the footage from the video, and the footage will come in handy in the other side’s defense.


1. Do thieves target dashcams?

Yes, because dash cams are also valuable items and reselling them can get you a portion of the return. People will steal dash cams just like any other valuable item. While dash cams are a great tool for recording video and video evidence for insurance companies, they can also be a target for thieves.

2. How much does a dash cam save on insurance?

All major auto insurance companies now accept dash cam footage as evidence in the event of a claim, and some even offer annual discounts of up to 20% for drivers who use dash cams. As you can see, insurance companies and major corporations are encouraging drivers to install dash cams.

3. How long does a dash cam keep footage?

Most dash cams have a loop recording feature that automatically overwrites the most previous footage when the memory card is full. Theoretically, as long as there is a stable power supply, your car dash cam system can record video indefinitely.

4. Is 4K dash cam worth it?

It is widely recognized that purchasing a 4K cam camera is worthy. They can reduce the chances of a fatal accident, thus keeping you safe behind the wheel, and can even be used as a warning camera when your family is on vacation. They can also provide very high-definition footage for use as footage when you want to create a vlog during a trip, making them truly multi-purpose.

5. Do new cars come with dash cams?

Recently, some automakers have been bundling cars with a dash cam when they make a car sale, or they have been selling the dash cam as a freebie, or they have been installing the dash cam at the factory. These situations need to be negotiated or inquired about by the car buyer themselves at the local car dealership.

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Dash cams is a very wise investment choice for those who have a car. Its also a great way to avoid a lot of unnecessary hassles and it can enhance your driving experience. The choice of dash cams needs to be based on the different needs of each person. I hope this article is helpful to you, welcome to leave a comment below.

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