Fall has come and gone in the blink of an eye and up here in the northeast we have quickly seen the weather change from mild, to just downright cold at times. It’s snowing in the Sierras and we start to see Christmas lights gracing the exterior of homes.
We generally see some new products released and many of these make their way to wish lists. With Koch Chemie, the Gentle Snow Foam is an incredibly popular shampoo due to not only value, but exceptional cleaning power while remaining safe and gentle for even the most sensitive of finishes. Koch Chemie however took this product and gave it a little holiday twist. With one sniff of this formula, you’ll say, “It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!”

Product photo of Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas EditionAnd that’s exactly what makes the X-Mas Edition of Gentle Snow different. Take what you love about Christmas, mix it up, and make it a scent. Add it to a great shampoo and you have a shampoo that makes the perfect stocking stuffer for that special DIY car enthusiast in your life, a great shampoo to use during those cold winter cleanings, or simply one to break out when you want that little extra something special during at detail.

Just like Gfx, Gfx X-Mas is high foaming, pH neutral and easily dilutable. You can use this shampoo in a bucket wash, or in a foam lance, cannon, or low pressure gun for easier cleaning. You want to use approximately 20 ml (.67 oz) to 1 liter (33 oz) when working with a foam sprayer or approximately 50 ml (1.69 oz) to 10 liters (338 oz) when working with a bucket. Check out the foam output when using both of these options below.

Gfx X-Mas Bucket Foam

Koch Chemie Gfx X-Mas Suds

Gentle Snow Foam X-mas provides you with an even layer of suds that sticks to the surface and stays wet for a long time. This provides you with a long work time and reduced risk of water spots forming, along with it being safe for protected surfaces. If you need more cleaning power, Koch Chemie recommends using some Green Star (10-30 ml) to remove heavy dirt, grime, and bug splatter, but this is not something I needed or tested out during my cleaning process.

I was however incredibly surprised at the cleaning power of the shampoo and loved the added scent. I generally do not search out products that smell good, but whenever something has a great scent to go along with a high-quality formula, it makes the use of this product a no brainer. With Gfx X-Mas I found dirt and grime was pulled away from the surface easily and even some bug guts from a recent road trip were broken down enough for removal with one swipe of my wash mitt. Some other shampoos I have used break down dirt and grime well, but some contamination more tightly bonded to the clear coat can stick or need multiple passes for complete removal.

Now onto the scent specifically. To me, this scent smells warm and spicy. Think apple cider, the smell of Christmas Tree Shop, potpourri, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, etc. I know I just tossed in a bunch of different things there, but that should thoroughly explain the scent. It is strong within the bottle, but when diluted down and during use it is nice and light, not overpowering but enough that you know it is there. I liked it so much that I hope Koch Chemie releases more this holiday season (I want to grab some for gifts) or at least make it a yearly holiday release.

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