A number of customers have asked us,
“Why did we move Marsh St. services to Broad St. in SLO?”

We've Moved! Graphic for Sunset North Car WashIt was a tough decision, because we’ve been at our Marsh St. facility for 30 years! But, as you might have heard in the news,  businesses are having a tough time finding enough employees these days. And since we are a 100% all hand wash and detailing service, our car washes are labor intensive!

By adding the resources and employees of our Marsh St. location to our Broad St. facility we are able to provide one of the main things that is at the top of our customers’ “Wish List;” Faster turnaround times on all of our hand wash and professional detailing services.

Faster and yet, with the same attention to detail that has kept people of the Central Coast coming back to us for 30 years for a, “Better Car Wash!”

When Sunset North Car Wash & Detailing Centers first opened the automatic “tunnel style” car washes were the up and coming thing and franchises were selling like crazy. But the family that owns Sunset saw the BIG advantages for customers’ vehicles of hand wash vs. robo wash:

The convenience of automatic car washes come at the expense of damaging your car’s paint. The machines will slap and contact your car’s paint while introducing various contaminants that cause scratches and swirl marks, and the damage is more evident if you have a black or dark-colored vehicle. Those awesome-looking, rotating brushes are typically poorly maintained and will cause the cross-contamination of dirt from other cars. Repeated exposure to poorly-maintained wash brushes will eventually dull your car’s paint and make it look old or dated.

The worst part? Removing the damage from scratches that may appear means pre-cleaning, polishing, waxing, and sealing the paint, which will cost money. You could also opt for a ceramic coating, but this also requires time and money. Moreover, there are “touchless” car washes that don’t use brushes, but the results are somewhat mediocre in comparison.

Then there’s the environmental impact. Because no one is applying pressure in a  “touchless” tunnel wash, a number of harsh chemicals are used in attempt to remove dirt, pollen and bugs. Because Sunset North is 100% All Hand Wash, we don’t use toxic compounds for the health and safety of our employees and the planet.
So while paying $20, or less, for an automatic car wash sounds like a quick bargain, you might want to think again!