Clean clear glass is a necessity for finished vehicle services. We understand how frustrating detailing glass cleaning can be for both professionals and vehicle enthusiasts alike, so here’s Three Essential Auto Detailing Glass Cleaning Tips!

This article will share our top 3 essential auto detailing glass cleaning tips to help you to more effectively clean glass. In addition when used together, we hope these tips help your detailing glass cleaning for your vehicle and around the house.

photo of person cleaning vehicle window with microfiber clothAuto Detailing Glass Cleaning Tip #1: Using Two Towels

Glass quickly soils with multiple layers of contamination. Interior glass is often worse than exterior glass because human breathing deposits skin particles, makeup, and sometimes smoke directly onto the surface.

To effectively clean glass, we require two towels to efficiently remove contamination from the surface. This is because each towel has a defined role in the process.

  • Towel #1 Removes up to 90% of all built up contamination and gook from the surface. For the first glass cleaning towel we recommend a non-linting longer nap towel to effectively remove contamination, such as the rag company eagle edgeless towel.
  • Towel #2 Removes any left-over contamination. However, towel #2’s real role is to make the class optically clear. For the second glass cleaning towel, we recommend a super short or no nap towel, such as the rag company diamond glass towel.

Auto Detailing Glass Cleaning Tip #2: Wiping Directions

To know which side of the glass requires cleaning or refinement at Signature Detailing New Jersey we have a method.

  • For interior glass cleaning, the last wiping passes are always performed in vertical motions.
  • For exterior glass cleaning the last wiping passes are always performed in horizontal motions.

With this method, we can quickly determine which side of the glass requires more cleaning and then quickly fix the issue. This method of distinctive wiping directions greatly increased both overall glass cleaning efficiency and lowered the time need for any touch ups during our final quality checks.

Auto Detailing Glass Cleaning Tip #3: A Simple Effective Product

For auto detailing glass cleaning you want a formula that cuts through contamination and is easy to use and is safe for tint. We aren’t looking for extra features here; all we need is quick, effective, and reliable cleaning.

Additionally, we prefer products that are readily available for purchase both online and in person.
Based on these criteria, we recommend the Stoner Invisible Glass. While both aerosol or spray versions work well, we favor the aerosol due to its ease of use.

This formula has withstood the test of time for hundreds of thousands of detailers and home car care enthusiasts. And, when combined with tips #1 and #2 above, Stoner has proven to be a winning combination.