How to Remove Sap from Car

by Mike @ DI

How to remove sap on your car? Tree sap can be some nasty stuff if you touch it or it falls on your car. Tree sap is like the blood of trees and if you park under a tree you may need to watch out. When it falls on your car paint you want to remove it as soon as possible so it doesn’t damage your paint.

Note from Sunset North Car Wash: Our Detailing Pros just use good ole isopropyl alcohol for sap removal. But follow up with thorough hand washing, hand drying and hand waxing!

Sap was never a problem until I recently moved. I started noticing that sap was on my car but by this time it had already hardened. In the one picture, you can visibly see the pine needle embedded in the sap on the window. After inspection I could also see a nice scratch on the paint that would need to be addressed another day. To remove the sap I decided to use some Stoner Tarminator Tar and Sap Remover and Gyeon Tar to tackle this job.

Sap removal at Sunset North Car Wash

After finding the right product for the job, these are both spray on and let dwell according to the directions, and wash off products to remove the sap. Keep reading for my detailed process.

First things first I rinsed the car off and gave it a quick wash with 3D Pink Car Soap to remove loose debris.

After drying it I sprayed the window with Stoner Tarminator and that sap spot on the paint with Gyeon Tar. Tarminator instructions were to let it dwell no more than 1 minute and Gyeon Tar was 1-2 mins before removing.The bulk of the sap did come off but I had to repeat those steps one more time to get the remaining sap off. After rinsing again I took my wash mitt and shampoo to wash it one more time and the sap is gone.

Follow the instructions, remove the sap, and your car will thank you. Both products are very straightforward, easy to use, and got the job done!