cat laying on hood of carIf you have feline friends then you have probably seen light marks that need to be buffed out with rubbing compound and then touch up again with more wax or coating. Not to mention dried sand and/or mud paw prints running up the hood, over the roof and down the trunk lid.

Of course, you could discuss this with your cat(s) around the dinner table and explain how they’re just making more work for you and eating into valuable playing string and petting time. But, in my experience, cats rarely listen to reason.

But we’ve heard from some cat fanciers that strategically placed drops of citronella oil around you vehicle will keep them away. Turns out most cats just think, “Yuck!” When they smell citronella.

Of all the things our customers with cantankerous cats have tried, citronella has been the most consistently effective way to send the message, “That this area is not for you!”
Some have diluted the citronella with water and sprayed it around the car perimeter. Most use it straight from the bottle. Just empty several drops on the pavement a few inches from the car and it seems to do the trick!Botting of citronella essential oil