Dirty dashboard? Sticky steering wheel? We tested nine interior cleaners to find the best choice for spiffing up your ride.
By Collin Morgan
Jul 19, 2022

car detailings specialist from Sunset North Car Wash steam cleaning car interiorWhen it comes to automotive care, it might be hard to look beyond the products that make your chrome shiny or your paint glitter in the sunlight. After all, that’s what people notice first. But what’s the point of spending countless hours getting those pesky swirls out if your vehicle’s interior is a den of nastiness?

Note from Sunset North Car Wash & Detail Center: We not only use some specialized, non-toxic cleaners (including Meguiar’s), but also powerful tools designed for vehicle interior cleaning. Just in case you’re not in the DIY mood!

We think interior cleaning is an underrated aspect of car care. Yes, cleaning under your seats and around your cupholders seems daunting, but this is where you spend most of your time, after all. So what kind of interior cleaner do you buy?

To find the best car interior cleaner, we tested nine of the market’s top products from brands such as Meguiar’s and Chemical Guys. The test included a well-loved (and slightly legendary) 1990 Geo Tracker from a previous beaters challenge, a stick of butter, and more.

So before you apply that elbow grease to your chrome bumpers, don’t overlook your vehicle’s interior. These cleaners will freshen up steering wheels, dashboards, cupholders, and just about everything in between. Here are our picks for the best car interior cleaners.


The Best Waterless Car Wash Products
Our Top Picks

Best Overall
photo of Total Interior Cleaner & ProtectantTotal Interior Cleaner & Protectant Chemical Guys
Read More      $11 AT AMAZON



A Close Second
photo of bottle of Interior CleanerInterior Cleaner Griot’s Garage
Read More     $10 AT AMAZON



Best Budget

photo of Quik Interior Detailer by Meguiar's
Quik Interior Detailer Meguiar’s
Read More       $6 AT AMAZON


Most Versatile

photo of Ultimate Cleaner by Carfidant

Ultimate Cleaner Carfidant
Read More      $17 AT AMAZON



Easiest to Use
Cleaning Wipes by Armor AllCleaning Wipes Armor All
Read More     $8 AT AMAZON