by Ian Martinez

The P&S Full Send Total Dressing is from their Off Road line, so it is designed for off road tires and trim. This is mostly seen if the application method is a very low viscosity spray. Typically, I like a more crème-based dressing, but I also don’t focus on off road vehicles. So, when you have huge knobby tires you need a spray or it is going to take you all day.

Photo of P&S Full Send Total DressingWhen applying it to tires, if you are using an applicator pad like this one then I would spray the tire directly, but if you are using a brush like this then I would spray the brush first. I prefer the brush method as you have more control of the product and it seems to help you get into all the crevices better.

Make sure the tire is clean and dry first, as the already thin dressing will get even thinner and not apply evenly, this goes for almost all spray dressings and most other dressings as well. This product is “self-leveling” meaning that for the most parts you can just apply and let it sit and you won’t have any high spots. This is not to be confused with spots where the rubber soaks in more than others though.

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It dries very matte, additional layers increase the shine, and once dry a microfiber can help take the shine down slightly. This helps you get the perfect look you are going for. Unless you want the very wet look, because that is only achieved by silicone-based formulas, which are not good to use for many reasons.

On trim I really like this product, especially fender liners. This is where the “self-leveling” really shows and makes the application so much faster. While this is great on any vehicle, again this shows how it was designed around off road vehicles since those can have wide plastic fenders or bumpers that would take longer to get perfect.

Overall, the P&S Full Send Total Dressing is a great product for all kinds of vehicles and especially great for off road vehicles!

photo Meguiar's D170 Hyper DressingA note from Stacey, Operations Manager at Sunset North Car Wash:

We use Hyper Dressing by Meguiars, because a water based product usually works best for the long term. There are some exterior trim treatments that will turn your vehicle plastic very black or dark instantly…..but if it contains solvent it will dry out your plastic over time. Even some silicone dressings will start to cause your plastic to fade more in the long-term.