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In this series, I am going to take some time to highlight some of the most popular detailing questions I encounter on a daily basis as a customer service representative here at DI. These questions can range from washing, drying, and polishing, to almost any other step in the detailing process. With the help of Ask-a-Pro Author James Melfi, check out our answers and some helpful detailing resources covering the topic at hand.

orbital polishing tool for use on vehicle finishesI am looking to get into polishing.Should I spend the $400 on a Rupes or pick up a polisher that costs less?


Rupes hands down are my favorite units on the market right now, but they are more expensive than many other units out there. If this higher price point is within your budget or you want the best of the best, picking up a Mark III 15 or

would be my suggestion. We also carry the LHR 15ES and the LHR 21ES, both of which are the first iteration in the Rupes lineup so they will come a little cheaper overall. All of these units are incredibly powerful and the smoothest units I have used.

With that said, as a beginner using a $400+ unit is not necessary. If you are looking to spend a little less starting out, the Griot’s Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher is an awesome unit. This unit does come at a lower price point but still has some higher-end features making it a great enthusiast unit.

Honestly, you can not go wrong with either here, they are both great. I would go with what fits your budget and desires overall.


If you’re just starting to get into paint correction and polishing, I’d always recommend starting with a lesser expensive smaller machine. This way you can get a feel and develop your technique and procedure before making a larger investment. A machine like the Griots Garage G9 would be a great place to start. The machine itself is less important than the development of proper polishing habits.