There are several obvious reasons why Sunset North Car Wash has always been a “100% All Hand Car Wash;” including a better, thorough cleaning, no need to use harsh, toxic chemicals and it’s much safer for your vehicle’s paint … and the environment.

photo of tunnel type car wash

A stark contrast to the classic “tunnel style” car wash, which uses a conveyor belt to pull your car through the building. During the actual wash, your vehicle is sprayed, battered by spinning brus

hes, and then usually dried by high-powered fans or a man with a towel.

Unfortunately, those spinning brushes that are used to clean your car have also been used on every car before it. As a result of this, all of the dirt from those past vehicles sticks to those

bristles and is then slapped against your car’s paint at a very fast rate. At best, you are basically cleaning your car with very fine sandpaper. The results can be the formation of permanent swirl marks all over your vehicle’s clear coat.



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