by Xavier @ DI

using a car finish quick detailer product on vehicle hoodQuick detailers have proven to be very important and versatile in anyone’s detailing endeavor. Products like the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR) and the Gtechniq Quick Detailer are great examples of how versatile quick detailers could be. Both of these products can be used to remove light contaminations, can be used for a quick spray on protection, and can be used as a lubricant for clay barring your vehicle. Say if you have a small spot of mud or bird droppings on your vehicle, a quick detailer would work great for specifically targeting the soiled area and easily removing the contaminates with a microfiber cloth. Since Quick detailers do also add lubrication, your paint is less likely to get scratched or marred during this process.

On top of being so helpful in the more intricate steps of detailing, quick detailers can also help your vehicles shine.

One of our favorites here at Sunset North Car Wash is Meguiar’s Last Touch is an instant detailer that will clean your paint and leave it so deep and wet looking you would think your paint was literally soaking wet! This formula contains polymeric lubricating agents that encapsulate dust and light surface contamination, allowing you to safely clean the paint without introducing swirls. At the same time it’s adding a coating of gloss you can instantly notice. You can use Last Touch in between details to refresh the shine of your paint, or use it as a finishing product after a full detail and wow your friends! If you are looking for an instant detailer that brings an abundance of gloss that also cleans then the Meguiar’s Last Touch is for you!