Detailing Car Wash Methods Examined: Rinselsess Washing
by Greg Gellas

Whenever it’s mentioned, about 85% if people ask, “What is the Rinseless Car Wash Method?”

Detailing Car Wash Methods Examined: Rinselsess Washing

The rinseless car wash method is a hybrid between the traditional wash method (soap / water / agitation) and the waterless wash method (spray bottle and towels).
It’s not as common in our part of California (the Central Coast) because this method is used for the maintenance and or preparation of vehicles in cold weather climates when traditional washing outside is not possible. It may also be used when surfaces are too dirty to effectively clean with the waterless wash method. Or because you understand our need to conserve water!
The rinseless car wash contains (more or less) the following elements:
• Bucket (or more, depending on your philosophy)
• Dedicated rinseless or waterless wash solution
• Mitt, sponge, or other media to agitate (wash) the surface with during cleaning
• Some sort of drying towel (microfiber drying towels are the ONLY way to go these days)

How to Perform a Rinseless Car Wash
The rinseless car wash method combines processes from both the traditional car wash method and the waterless car wash method.
Rinseless Car Wash Steps:
•  Use 1 Bucket and add the appropriate amount of a dedicated Rinseless / Waterless Wash Solution (CarPro EcH2o) , filling it 1/2 or 3/4 full with water and add a Microfiber Wash Mitt (DI Hybrid)
• Spray down the entire vehicle with the rinseless / waterless wash solution
• Remove the wash mitt from the bucket of solution and gently wash the panel, using only enough pressure to engage the mitt to the surface.
• After washing the panel, place the mitt back into the bucket. Immediately dry the panel with the MF drawing towel (The Gauntlet 20×30”)
** Note: For a gentler wash overall, or for heavily soiled surfaces, add a secondary bucket with the rinseless/waterless solution to clean the wash mitt between panels.
The rinseless car wash process may take about 20-30min to complete.