Because lot of contamination finds its way into the many cracks & crevices of a vehicle and into the pores of vehicle paint systems, we need to clean all surfaces, as deeply as possible, to prepare for advanced auto detailing services.
This article will examine if the ‘Traditional Car Wash Method’ is still the best for deep cleaning vehicle surfaces. At Sunset North Car Wash we average only 15 gallons of water per vehicle vs. average of 100 gallons if you use the “hose method” at home! Plus, we use only 100% lamb’s wool mitts at our four All Handwash Car Washes.

Sunset North Car Wash detailing specialist in actionDefining the Elements of a Traditional Car Wash Method

The traditional car wash is the method you grew up with. You may have a memory of ‘helping’ either your father or grandfather with this type of car wash as a child.
A traditional car wash contains (more or less) the following elements:
• Bucket (or more, depending on your philosophy)
• Dedicated car wash shampoo
• Mitt, sponge, or other media to agitate (wash) the surface with during cleaning
• Hose, pressure nozzle, or pressure washer (depending on your budget or philosophy)
• Some sort of drying towel (microfiber drying towels are the ONLY way to go these days)

How to Perform a Traditional Car Wash

The traditional car wash method is what may seem ‘normal’ to most people.
Traditional Car Wash Steps:
1. Use 1 Bucket or more ( depending on your philosophy) and add the appropriate amount of a dedicated Car Wash Shampoo (CarPro Reset), filling it 1/2 or 3/4 full with water
2. Place the vehicle in the shade and make sure surfaces are cool to the touch
3. Rinse the vehicle to remove all topical dirt and contamination (Best Practice: Use a Pressure Washer)
4. Using a Foam Lance on a Pressure Washer (best practice), a foam gun, or even a foaming sprayer, add an even medium layer of soap to the surface so that is sticks and doesn’t immediately run off
5. Use a Microfiber Mitt (DI Hybrid) or a sponge to manually agitate (wash) the vehicle surfaces
6. After fully washing the vehicle, thoroughly rinse the entire vehicle so no soap remains
7. After rinsing, immediately dry the vehicle with a large towel (The Gauntlet 20×30”) to remove all water
as quick as possible
8. Optional yet Optimal: Air Purge of Water from cracks & crevices