Auto detailing pro at Sunset North Car WashA friend of mine recently wondered why he had been encouraged to detail his just recently purchased car. It didn’t make sense to him. Other than just the car wash trying to upsell him. But, no, the detailing service manager isn’t just trying to sell you additional services; there are some good, solid reasons to fully detail a brand new vehicle!

Written by Heather in Detailing Basics

The most common definition of detailing, is to bring a car’s condition back to new, or better than new? But what does this actually mean. And should you be detailing a new car to get it to look “better than new”.

In this article, I’ll be talking about all the main reasons why you should absolutely detail your brand new car to make sure it stays looking new for years to come.
Reasons a New Car Needs Detailing

You should detail a new car to decontaminate it, and protect it so it stays looking new for longer. Here are the main reasons why you should detail a brand new car.

New cars are often dirty
1. They often have heavy iron fallout contamination
2.Poor wash technique at the dealership may have caused scratches
3. To protect the paintwork from contamination and fading
4. To keep the trim, wheels and glass clean and protected
5. To prevent interior surfaces from fading, dirt and spillages

Detailing Keeps Your Car Looking New

Essentially, you should detail a new car to make sure the finish is flawless and protected, so that it stays looking new for years to come.

When I first brought home my MX-5 from the dealership, it had just 30 miles on the clock, 10 of which were me on my test drive, and another 15 were me on my drive home. So it wouldn’t be uncommon to believe that it didn’t need washing, and certainly wouldn’t need detailing.

But the first thing I did was wash, decontaminate, polish and protect the vehicle, both inside and outside. This, and of course regular maintenance, is what’s kept it looking pretty much brand new almost two years later.

So let me explain the reasons why I believe that one of the most important times to detail a car, is when it’s brand new.