How to safely remove tree sap from your car. There must be a way to easily remove both hardened and fresh sap from your vehicle!

Much like compounding and polishing, you need to test out various products to see which will work best for the job. Several options are available such as Stoner Tarminator, Carpro Tar-x or isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and one may work better then the others in certain situations.

  1.  Spray the sap with the product of your choice (in this case the IPA), in some cases I will spray the area first with my pressure washer or wash the area first to remove some of the loose debris prior to treating the area with a product (this is really personal preference)
  2. Let the product sit on the tar for a few minutes to break down and soften the debris on the surface
  3. Use a sponge or microfiber towel to lightly scrub the area
  4. Rinse the surface clean with your hose or pressure washertree sap on vehicle finish
  5. Since this is tar and not bug splatter, it can be stuck on the surface pretty well. Repeat the steps above as needed until tar is removed.
  6. Proceed to your standard two-bucket method wash or your wash method of preference to remove any IPA, degreaser, etc.

After a few hours of sap removal followed by a quick polish, you’re left with a nice looking finish once again. If this all sounds like a little much, bring your vehicle to Sunset North Car Wash in SLO County!



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