Spring is a beautiful time of year, but with the beauty of warm weather comes something every car owner hates: pollen. Pollen looks harmless but is a big problem for your car. Pollen sticks to your car’s body and when you try to remove it, it damages the paint. Here’s how to remove bee pollen (yellow spots) safely and without scratching your paint.

Things You Should Never Do

Many people think wiping off the pollen from a car’s surface is an easy way to get rid of it. However, this is a big mistake. Even one swipe with a cloth to remove pollen can cause light scratches to the car’s paint. And DON”T use a scrubber pad, like one of our customers did! We had to have one of our Sunset North auto detailing specialists buff & polish the paint to restore their car’s finish! The best way to clean the pollen off your car is by washing it with water.

This is what a scrubby pad does to your beautiful paint job!
Right Method to Clean Pollen off Your Car

Washing off the pollen will ensure there are no scratches on your car’s surface. You will need a hose, nozzle, quick detailer spray, a cotton cloth and microfiber cloth. Once you have what you need, follow these steps:

Connect the nozzle to the hose and start spraying water on your car. Spray the car one body panel at a time. Start with the roof and then move to other areas like the windshields, window, and hood. Don’t clean another body panel until you are completely done with one. 

After you have cleaned the entire car surface, you can leave the car to dry or use a cotton towel to dry it. If you are leaving the car to dry, make sure it is parked inside or under a roof as there is always the probability of pollen falling on the car’s body again.

After the car’s surface is completely dry, spray the quick detailer spray on the microfiber cloth and wipe the car’s surface. The quick detailer surface will remove the dust and any spots on the car’s surface and restore the shine of the paint. 
It takes a Sunset North Car Wash auto detailing expert to fix it with buffing & polishing
After Cleaning Pollen off Your Car

Make sure your car is always parked in a garage or under a roof, especially if you are not using it often. If you park your car in an open driveway, the pollen is more likely to accumulate on the car’s body and you will be required to wash the car again.

Now the paint looks like new after Sunset North Car Wash Auto Detailing
How Often Should You Clean Pollen off Your Car?

City dwellers do not face much pollen problem during spring. It is enough for city dwellers to wash their car once a week to prevent damage caused by pollen. If you are living in an area surrounded by coniferous trees, you are more likely to face a mild to severe pollen problem. In that case, you need to wash your car at least twice a week to protect your car from pollen damage.

Cleaning pollen off your car is necessary to protect your car’s surface and it’s important to follow the right method of cleaning pollen to prevent damage to your car’s paint. If you want to tackle this at home, here’s a quick video on how to remove bee pollen (yellow spots) safely and without scratching your paint.: https://youtu.be/FBvC19Gr_xc



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