Follow these steps to detail your car’s interior:

Here’s the link to Pan TheOrganizer’s how-to video

interiorclean-53590281) Remove any unwanted items, garbage, and floor mats.
2) Clean the floor mats.
3) Vacuum the interior thoroughly.
4) Steam clean the door jambs and door sills, and wipe clean with a microfiber towel.
5) Clean the headliner.
6) Clean the leather seats and steering wheel. Do the same for upholstery.
7) Protect the leather seats.
8) Clean the plastic and vinyl trim with an all-purpose cleaner.
9) Apply a dressing to plastic and vinyl trim.
10) Apply a carpet and fabric protectant.
11) Spray some air freshener near the air vents in the footwells.
13) Clean the glass.

If just reading the 13 steps left you feeling a little overwhelmed, then Sunset North Car Wash will be happy to do it for you. Plus, something you can’t do at home; use our Germ Buster Steam Cleaning system to more effectively get out the dirt and germs!