What is a Fundraiser Saturday?

A Fundraiser Saturday is simply spending a pre-scheduled Saturday at one of the four Sunset North Car Wash locations. Prior to your event day you will be required to sell at least $1,000 in car wash vouchers and promote your event to everyone you know! On the day of your event you will bring signs and show excitement for your club or organization. We will mail a check to you for 25% of presales plus a minimum of 5% of the entire day’s sales (not including presales) depending on presales. If you sell more vouchers ahead of time you can earn as much as 9% of the day’s total sales (again, not including presales). On average, groups raise around $1,000 each, but our highest earning group last year raised over $3000!

Is it that simple?

Well, yes and no. There are some requirements, but we think we make them pretty easy.

  • Your group must sell at least $1,000 in Car Wash Vouchers BEFORE the date of your scheduled fundraiser.
  • Your group must make fun and colorful signs to help promote your event the day of the car wash.
  • Your group must have AT LEAST 10 participants throughout the day.

…and the Sunset North Car Wash employees do everything else! They do ALL the washing, drying, vacuuming, detailing, sales transactions, and handling of the cars.

What dates are available?

Here is our calendar. There are dates available year-round.

How do we get signed up?

Just download this packet, fill out the forms and email them to Krislyn at krislyn@smsrd.com or fax them to 1-800-508-0487. We will give you a call and set up an available date.

Still have questions?

Just call Krislyn Bio at: (805) 481-0118 or email at: krislyn@smsrd.com

We look forward to working with you and your organization this year!