Wax or Polish

The difference between a polish and a wax is often confused. It’s best explained by their purpose and frequency needed.


Purpose: To protect the paint from the elements (sun, wind, water) that might otherwise cause surface imperfections like scratches, hard water spots, and rust.
Frequency: Depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations but about every 3 months.


Purpose: To fix surface imperfections; scratches and rust are buffed out to reduce their appearance.
Frequency: Rarely. Polishing too often can damage your car’s paint because of the abrasive products used. A polish should always be followed by a wax.

Thanks for Being Eco-Conscious!

We would like to remind you what an eco-friendly citizen and consumer you are by coming to Sunset North Car Wash & Detail Centers.

The choice between home washing and SNCW makes a big difference in water conservation and preservation.

  • We Use Less Water Per Carhose wasting water
    Home washing uses up to 5 times more water per car than we do AND often leads to hard water spots on your car.
  • We Re-Use Our Water
    All that water used with home washing only gets used once and then drains to the street and storm drains. The water we use on each car is collected, cleaned, and filtered.
  • Water Sent to Treatment Plant
    We re-use and recycle as much water as we can. Any water we can’t recycle gets sent to a treatment plant.

Dish Soap is for Dishes, Not Cars

Don't Use Dish Soap to Wash your Car

Dish washing and laundry detergents used on do-it-yourself home washes can damage your car’s finish. It’s important to use a soap specifically formulated for washing cars to protect your car’s finish.

With decades of experience we have selected the best products to clean and protect your car’s finish while also protecting our precious local environment. We review and test these products on a regular basis seeking only the best for your car.

Another reason to get your car washed at Sunset North Car Wash & Detail Centers!